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The terms incorporated by this document entail a complete agreement between Our Company Consulting Masterclass, whose headquarters are situated at 11201 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85028 and our potential clients. In case of any conflict of interests, the document will supersede any other form of understanding that may exist, whether oral or written. The terms will provide legal guidance and reference while interacting with our site and shall control all other processes that might follow.

We reserve the rights to modify these terms if the need arise, but we will promptly update them for our esteemed customers to review. The modified terms will always take effect immediately and will supersede the previous terms so it is important to review them every time you intend to access our site because by doing so, we assume you are aware of any changes made, so the agreement will be binding.

The company will reserve the rights to modify the site or any information contained in it without prior notice and we will take no responsibility for any inconvenience caused or be liable for any period the webpages are unavailable.

When using our site, we might request for personal information in order to complete registration. Failure to provide us with the information we need might lead to limited access to our sites and some features might be disabled. Any information provided should be current, complete and accurate. Failure to provide accurate information will lead to the termination of cooperation between Consulting Masterclass and the user in question. As pertaining to our privacy policy, you agree that you have provided us with consent to take action with respect to the information you have provided. The information will be used to modify your browsing experience, customize features, and even to make purchases.

Any personal credentials provided by the company such as passwords and username should be treated with utmost confidentiality and there is no at any particular point you are supposed to share them with a third party. Whether seeking help from our support or customer care department, you should never share your passwords. Under our privacy policy, your account is personal, and at no particular time are you supposed to provide access to a third party. In case, of any suspicious or unauthorized activities in your account, you should notify us immediately. Any attempt to breach security to our accounts will tantamount to a cybersecurity crime and attract lawsuits. To ensure that we provide you with top-notch security, make sure you always log out of your account after completing your session. Take great caution when accessing the site from a public computer or when using public internet to prevent others from getting your personal information or records. If any interference in your account happens through personal negligence, we will not be held accountable for any loss that might occur. We reserve the right to terminate any account at any time if it violates or does not comply with these terms.

It is mandatory to use our site for lawful purposes, in compliant to our terms and the law. We will not be liable for any activities that violate federal, state, local, and international law in any way. Any illegal activities will tantamount to lawsuits and relevant penalties may apply. Any action that involves transmitting promotional or advertising material through impersonation of another company, user, or employee to defame, introduce viruses, impair or any other malicious activities that might cause damage to third party users, will lead to termination of the account, lawsuits or both. Any individual violating the law through the use of our website will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.


Our company reserves the right to deny purchase. We provide a trial period for our user to try our website and be acquitted with its features before paying. After the purchase, you will be granted access immediately to our site. We use usernames and passwords to provide access to our website. Always make sure you confirm the correct billing details and credentials and ensure you receive a receipt, license key or any other form of verification that validates the purchase. Your personal information will be forwarded to your email upon purchase and you might get some security links for further verification. If you do not get verification in your email, please contact the website customer support promptly via phone or email. Upon payment, you will enjoy our services for 180 days. We reserve rights to deny access in case of defaulted payment after the preset period. We can introduce additional charges on continued access depending on the kind of services we offer and the type of package you choose.

Upon purchase, you will be able to access “Members Area” which entails online courses for 6 months (180 days) and failure to renew your subscription will lead to restrictions as per the company’s policies. For any program enrollment, Consulting Masterclass charges $497 (the current pricing), but we reserve the rights to revise the payments at any time, through special promotions, or discounts if the need arises, without notice. For those who wish to extend their programs after the preset six months, will be subject to the current pricing at the time.

Agreeing to these terms, you warrant that:

  • The billing information you have provided is correct and accurate
  • You are of the legal age and have the rights to access any credit card(s) in regards to the purchase
  • We are not liable for any loss or damage that might arise when you submit incorrect or false information
  • By agreeing to our terms, you mandate that we can provide your personal information to a third party in order to facilitate your purchase

Notably, never provide your cards passwords even to our customer support because we will not be liable for any loss or damage that might arise from negligence.


At Consulting Masterclass, we are responsible, ethical, and above all interested in your success. That’s why it is vital to note that:

  • Your investment will appear on your bank statement under “Consulting Masterclass
  • You are protected by our 60-Day Action-Based Money-Back Guarantee

This means to be eligible for a refund you must submit your request within 60 days of you enrolling in the program—this is a firm deadline. No refunds will be offered after 60 days. No exceptions. Payments are non-cancelable and non-refundable after 60 days or if the Terms and Conditions are not met for the action-based guarantee.

Intellectual Property

Any material pertaining to Consulting Masterclass ranging from Logo, design, slogans, images or any other information is the intellectual property of our company and protected by the US and International copyright trademark and patent laws. This information is subject to manipulation by the licensors or company proprietors. The rights to possessing or using these materials are reserved to the company only. Anybody using the sites for commercial purposes violates our terms and may result in termination of cooperation. Our permits allow personal use of the site. Users are advised against the application of the images or information from our webpages without prior written permits from the company. Any person using information from our sites for academic purposes should acknowledge us, or it will tantamount to plagiarism.

Publishing, reproducing, downloading uploading, transmitting or posting information from our site without proper permission, is an infringement of our terms and more importantly breaking of the intellectual property law and might result to termination of your account or even attract lawsuits. No one at any instance is allowed to alter proprietary rights such as notices, trademark, or logo from the website without written permission from the company. No proprietary information of our website is transferrable to a third party and the company has the right to deny any services to any individual violating these terms. Any other use of the website that violates the terms stated will be a breach of contract and might lead to termination of cooperation between Consulting Masterclass and such individual.

User Contribution

Consulting Masterclass values its customers that why we integrate an interactive platform. Our sites have a feature that allows and encourages user posting, submitting, displaying, publishing, or dropping comments, for other users to view as long as it’s legal and within the company’s policy. We always encourage interactions between our users to improve the sites experience. Any material submitted by our users is non-proprietary and non-confidential so it is not covered under our intellectual property laws. By providing any information to our website, you grant us the authority to modify, reproduce, display, and distribute it without your permission.

For any Material, you post on our website it should not:

  • Contain vulgar, defamatory, violent, indecent, or obscene language
  • Promote marginalization of the minority
  • Contain sexually explicit or pornographic content
  • Violate any intellectual property laws
  • Go against the state, federal, local, or international laws
  • Mislead or deceive the public
  • Inconvenience, cause anxiety or annoy people
  • Misrepresent a fact or impersonate a person
  • Be promotional or integrate commercial activities

We will not be liable for any material that is criminal by nature and you will be held responsible for your posts. By agreeing to this terms, you assert that you will take responsibility for your comments, posts, displays, and any other material you post and you are ready for consequences if any arises.

Consulting Masterclass reserves the right to modify or strip any materials that go against our legal terms. We reserve rights to analyze any content that lands on our page and have the authority to make judgments without consulting the owner. Posting of inappropriate material on our site might lead to termination of your contract with the company prematurely.
If you believe a post violates your intellectual property rights, it is inappropriate, or goes against the laws set by government agencies, you should take action immediately by contacting our customer support through email or phone number.

If someone is aggrieved by your actions, you should:

  • Disclose important information about you and your identity to the aggrieved party
  • Cooperate with law enforcement if the need arises
  • Terminate your access to the website

We completely cooperate with law enforcement agencies in cases where the court warrants we provide the identity of users who break the law and we are not liable for any action taken against them. We reserve the right to provide the material you post to law enforcement officers to serve as evidence if the need arises.

In compliance with the United States Food and Drug Commission laws or any other preset laws by Federal Trade Commission, we will reserve the rights to demand changes of a user account to a third-party website if the user makes statements concerning another company.

Our website will always accept generic information but not detailed or promotional messages.

Third Party Websites

Our company does not maintain links to other websites. We always integrate the links to facilitate the convenience of your browsing. The company will not be liable for any losses or damages that arise from the use of these links. We will never take responsibility for warranties or representation provided by these third party websites. We advise you always to pay keen interests on third-party legal terms and privacy policies. Access third Party links at your own risk. We also allow people to link to our website without our consent as long as they do not infringe our intellectual property laws and must comply with our terms and conditions.


Some areas of this website are restricted to the user. All the parts that you can access are customized in such a way that you can reach them easily. All user are provided with passwords and user names to their account and have administrative rights. Trying to access parts that are restricted to the client might lead to termination of the account. Users are also restricted against

  • Commercializing the site’s materials covered under patent and trademark laws
  • Publishing any of the website material to other sites or media
  • Using the website material for academic purposes without acknowledging Consulting Masterclass
  • Public display of website content without written permit from the company
  • Using the website in a manner that interferes or is damaging to its infrastructure
  • Using the website in a manner that it negatively affects other users
  • Violation of privacy policy and terms of the company
  • Undertaking activities that involve data mining, data extraction, data harvesting, or other related activities while using our website
  • Undertaking activities that involve marketing and advertising
  • Violating state, federal, national, international law

We reserve the right to terminate your account immediately if you violate these restrictions without a refund.

Disclaimer of Warranties

We provide no warranty whatsoever for this website. By accessing our website, you have agreed to use it with all its faults and we do not commit ourselves to express or implied warranties of any kind. We do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the materials provided and you should use it at your own risk. We will make no guarantees of the website operation and no warranty will be provided for an error-free site or absence of viruses. Moreover, the material on this website should not be used to substitute any professional advice. Consulting Masterclass will not be held liable for any loss or damages that might arise when using the material contained in the website. Importantly, some states may not accept disclaimers so these terms might not be applicable.

Limitation of Liability

Consulting Masterclass proprietorship, which includes service providers, affiliates, licensors, agents officer, and directors will not at any particular time take responsibility from any kind of damages or losses that arise from using our website. Link your site to our website at your own risk. We will not directly or indirectly be affected by a claim, an injury that will emanate from the content of our website. As much as we comply with the law of the states, we will not take responsibility for any activity that violates the law and we will comply with the law enforcement agencies in providing information that might act as evidence against the perpetrators of the crime. In some States, limitations of liability may not be applicable..

Jurisdiction / Enforceability

The privacy policy and terms that govern this website, are in accordance with the State of Arizona laws. The guidelines are laid down in a way that they do not bring a conflict of interest with aforementioned state regulations. Any dispute or disagreement will be in the jurisdiction of Arizona courts and legal systems.

The company reserves the right to enforce any provision of the terms at any time. A delay in enforcement will not be termed as a waiver; the company can undertake the process later.

Any provision of our company’s terms that may be deemed unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable will be stripped from the list but this will not interfere in any way with the enforcement of the remaining provisions. It is important to note that all these provisions will be under the jurisdiction of the Arizona State legal system and no exceptions will be made.


You hereby indemnify Consulting Masterclass to the best of your knowledge from and against any costs, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, cause of action, and extra expenses such as the legal fee of an attorney, that may arise when you use the website in a way that is in breach of any provision of these terms.


We reserve the rights to transfer, subcontract, and assign our obligations under the provision of our terms without any consent or notification. Nonetheless, at no particular time are we allowed to subcontract, assign, or transfer your (user’s) right under in accordance to the provision of terms.